College Football Free Picks

Our site is geared towards helping you beat the sportsbooks this fall at college football. It doesn't matter if you have just started betting or have been doing it for years, our site will have something for you. If you handicap your own games, we have matchups, trends, and betting systems that can help you find your winners this week. If you are looking for some expert help, then it doesn't get any better than this.

We go through an extensive testing process before we list a handicapper on our site. They have to have been monitored for years, we don't tolerate rookie mistakes and don't want our visitors to go through the growing pains as a handicapper matures and gains experience. Not only do our handicappers have to have years of experience where they have proven to be a winner, but they also need to provide detailed analysis on their selections. To us, it's not enough to be able to pick winners. You also have to give the customer enough information on why you are backing a certain college football team so that the customer can bet on the game with confidence. Plus, this helps the client learn a little something extra about handicapping NCAA football games.

We offer both free and premium college football picks on our site, but a little warning about the comp selections. The handicappers provide their clients with the absolute best plays of the day and if there is a play that they like but might not hit at a high enough of a percentage to be a good long term play, they will release that game as a free example of the work you can expect if you subscribe to their service. So, take a look below at some of our featured packages and the leaderboard underneath that lists all of the top handicappers overall and by sport.

Top Handicappers by Units Won

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Service Units ROI Pct WL
Don Anthony +5777.0 +6.2% 55.4% 437-352
Rocky Sheridan +4796.0 +4.3% 50.5% 526-516
Marc Lyle +4008.0 +9.5% 61.5% 195-122
GamePlan +3697.0 +3.5% 53.4% 500-437
R&R Totals +3509.0 +7.4% 55.8% 230-182
Info Plays +3398.0 +2.9% 52.7% 543-488
Stephen Nover +3287.0 +7.1% 55.9% 228-180
Rocky's Lock Club +1943.0 +5.6% 55.9% 167-132
Ross Benjamin +1931.0 +3.6% 53.1% 257-227
Rick Doane +1902.0 +2.6% 52.9% 343-306
Red Dog Sports +1429.0 +4.6% 52.7% 148-133
Chip Chirimbes +830.0 +0.9% 52.7% 432-388
Jordan Haimowitz +607.0 +1.0% 52.9% 264-235
Jeff Allen +565.0 +1.1% 52.6% 252-227
Mr. East +377.0 +0.3% 51.4% 523-494
Joe DelPopolo +357.0 +0.5% 51.8% 310-288
Steve Merril +238.0 +0.4% 53.2% 252-222
John Ryan +234.0 +0.3% 50.8% 359-348
Kyle Hunter +187.0 +0.2% 52.1% 482-443