College Football Betting

Are you thinking about betting on college football this year? Well if you are then let us give you as much help as possible so you can have more fun, and make more money than ever before because let’s face it, that’s the whole point of wagering isn’t it?

The first thing that we recommend to everyone who wants to get serious about making money is to open up a couple different accounts at the sportsbooks so they can use line shopping to get the most value out of their bets. Over the course of the season there are going to be plenty of games that either push or come close to the number, but what if you could have turned those close losses into pushes or those pushes into wins by simply shopping around for the best line and getting a better point spread? You can do so and it won’t cost you any extra money if you open up accounts at a couple of different sportsbooks. Of course we have done the homework for you and found a couple of places that we are recommending everyone open up an account at this year.

The first on the list is GT Bets. This is a solid operation that does a great job of converting credit cards for deposits and gives payouts to customers quickly and easily. The other great thing about GT Bets is that they have a large volume of players and most of them are recreational. This means that you are going to get a unique line set that caters to the public, which means that if you like betting on underdogs or going against the grain then you are going to get some great odds with this book. Plus the bonuses is another great reasons to sign up today.

There are a couple of other books that everyone should check out and we’ll just give you a couple sentences promoting each one. Bovada is a great book for new players and they have easy deposit methods where you can use your checking account. Bookmaker is where the line originates, so if you want to get your action in early in the week, then this is the place to go.